Basic Information
Site Name Feldkirch
Public Yes
Entity Name Ardetzenberg
Entity Type metal
  • hilltop
  • Entity Alternative Name
  • Abris
  • Comment In 2014, finds were made by W.G. during an inspection with the metal probe in the area of ​​the Ardetzenberg. During an inspection of the distinctive, wooded hill in the Feldkirch urban area by Andreas Picker it turned out that they are located near the find places below the hilltop plateau high rock overhangs (Abris). Spatially, three areas of discovery can be distinguished: the steep west slope, the flatter and spacious hilltop area and the southern summit area. Probably in the early Bronze Age is an arrowhead from greenish Silex with barbs and rough retouching on the edges to date. A bronze sickle with a broken tip should be placed in the middle Bronze Age (level Bz B). This is a small sickle with two continuous ribs and a subsequent button (type Grenchen or Beilngries after M. primate). Two arrowheads made of bronze with barbs (with spout or Scarf joint with pin ["Dornschäftung"]) are probably roughly in the same time horizon. Also noteworthy are a mere 11 cm long bronze knife with a solid smooth handle and a fragment of a small, narrow handle plate dagger of 10.5 cm in length with the approaches of two rivet holes. On an early La Tène horizon on Ardetzenberg refers a bronze Certosafibel (without needle) type II to B. Teržan. The piece has a length of 9.5 cm and an undetached, very flat bracket. The head fragment of a simple band-shaped fibula made of bronze is not clearly addressable. Furthermore, a small bronze chain, a bronze ring and some indefinable bronze fragments can be seen. In the southern hilltop area of ​​the hill, a modern and early modern metal objects were found. In the middle crest area modern and recent objects.
  • Austria | Austria | Bronze Age (unspecified)
  • Austria | Austria | Iron Age (unspecified)
  • Austria | Austria | Early Iron Age (unspecified)
  • Certainty
    Entity Type Certainty 3 - low: not certain data from old finds or old not-verifiable sources
    Dating Certainty 2 - basic: data from only one method and without relevant comparisons
    Location Certainty 2 - basic: data from only one method and without relevant comparisons
    GeoJSON {"type": "FeatureCollection", "crs": {"type": "name", "properties": {"name": "EPSG:4326"}}, "features": [{"type": "Feature", "properties": {"identifier": "OE_06003.E0001", "name": "Ardetzenberg", "pk": "23"}, "geometry": {"type": "MultiPolygon", "coordinates": [[[[9.60967541090213, 47.25806795375006], [9.602465633070098, 47.25764076321852], [9.599719051038848, 47.25639800696416], [9.597430230933243, 47.254728005733455], [9.593939786427654, 47.25134900735388], [9.594168664771132, 47.25002842125182], [9.593882564222442, 47.248785485455], [9.593653680640275, 47.247542522268006], [9.59359646367375, 47.24618299599467], [9.594111447804607, 47.24575570869567], [9.596400262671525, 47.24657143487133], [9.59674358542543, 47.24602762000207], [9.59674358542543, 47.24575570869567], [9.598860744154084, 47.246765654130506], [9.602351193898357, 47.24870780222165], [9.605212215101348, 47.25111596503573], [9.608130458509551, 47.252125808267685], [9.610133172827773, 47.255155220653236], [9.60967541090213, 47.25806795375006]]]]}}]}