Basic Information
Site Name Feldkirch
Public Yes
Entity Name Carinagasse
Entity Type profane
  • lowland
  • Entity Alternative Name
  • Garinagasse
  • Süd-Hang des Blasenberges
  • Comment In 1941, in the area of the Garinagasse on the southern slope of the "Blasenberg" in otherwise completely empty clay soil a deposit consisting of four half-lenticular copper cast cake was salvaged. The casting cake P/41/1 weighs 14,45 kg, has 29,6-27 cm dia. and is up to 5 cm thick. P/41/2, 11.55 kg, 27-25 cm dia., Largest thickness 6.6 cm. P/41/3, 9,20 kg, 26,2-24,7 cm dia., Maximum thickness 5,3 cm. P/41/4, 7.85 kg, 25.7-24.8 cm dia., Maximum thickness 4.2 cm. The flat side of a copper cast cake is crosswise incised, so mapped to the quarter. The finds were standing with the flat side against each other upright in the clay soil. After an investigation by Dir. Witter, Halle, the copper comes in all probability from the Kelchalpe near Kitzbühel. In the summer of 1947, Walter Weinzierl raised a few shards in the fields around the site, one of which, with a fingertip line, would fit well into the frame of the urn field culture to which the hoard seems to belong. Vlbg. LM.
  • Austria | Austria | Late Bronze Age (unspecified)
  • Certainty
    Entity Type Certainty 2 - basic: data from only one method and without relevant comparisons
    Dating Certainty 2 - basic: data from only one method and without relevant comparisons
    Location Certainty 3 - low: not certain data from old finds or old not-verifiable sources
    GeoJSON {"type": "FeatureCollection", "crs": {"type": "name", "properties": {"name": "EPSG:4326"}}, "features": [{"type": "Feature", "properties": {"identifier": "OE_06003.E0005", "name": "Carinagasse", "pk": "27"}, "geometry": {"type": "MultiPolygon", "coordinates": [[[[9.584255217632746, 47.23373685930211], [9.581651688495187, 47.234815025060016], [9.579677582660226, 47.233241478491124], [9.578275680541994, 47.23271695258505], [9.578990937152414, 47.23160960306794], [9.580593109130861, 47.23089078515318], [9.583082199096681, 47.23116277097597], [9.585599900165109, 47.231415329133554], [9.58763122558594, 47.23283351434617], [9.588947297015695, 47.234601335996], [9.588117601233536, 47.235708623445625], [9.586915971594864, 47.235300677848954], [9.584255217632746, 47.23373685930211]]]]}}]}