Basic Information
Site Name Feldkirch
Public Yes
Entity Name Gossacker
Entity Type settlement
  • lowland
  • Entity Alternative Name
  • Gussacker
  • Gottesacker
  • Kapuziner
  • Saalbaugasse
  • Saalbauplatz/Jahnplatz
  • Comment In addition to modern constructions, a Late Bronze Age cultural layer and pits were found. Furthermore, a fragment of Iron Age fast ceramics could be salvaged.
  • Austria | Austria | Late Bronze Age (unspecified)
  • Certainty
    Entity Type Certainty 3 - low: not certain data from old finds or old not-verifiable sources
    Dating Certainty 2 - basic: data from only one method and without relevant comparisons
    Location Certainty 1 - high: data from more complementary methods and/or with relevant comparisons
    GeoJSON {"type": "FeatureCollection", "crs": {"type": "name", "properties": {"name": "EPSG:4326"}}, "features": [{"type": "Feature", "properties": {"identifier": null, "name": "Gossacker", "pk": "427"}, "geometry": {"type": "MultiPolygon", "coordinates": [[[[9.599758386393662, 47.23860664346519], [9.599381089428789, 47.2383808296456], [9.59986388705147, 47.23797533304949], [9.600250125149614, 47.2381841521153], [9.599758386393662, 47.23860664346519]]]]}}]}