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Site Name Wenns
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Entity Name Krisantin
Entity Type settlement
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  • Wenns
  • Comment The property is located on one of the artificial hillside terraces, which were already used for agriculture in prehistoric times. In the immediate vicinity runs a small stream. During visits, iron-age ceramic pieces could be picked up again and again from the strikingly dark molehills. About 50 meters north of the hay lodge, removing the roots at a depth of 0.30 m to 0.40 m, a dark, almost black culture layer interspersed with many stones was torn beneath the humus cover. The stones were partly annealed, partly soot blackened. During the work, larger stones were also torn out. From one of the holes thus formed, located about 15 m north of a hay lodge (Act No. 3657), larger stones - probably the demolition of a building that was part of a prehistoric settlement - were uncovered. Within 7 meters, Iron Age pottery, huts clay and various bronze artifacts could be recovered. From the environment of the property are already several settlement remains known. Among other things, the found ceramics were assigned to the early "Laugen" culture, the early Hallstatt period, the early La Tène period ("Fritzener" Schlale) and the early to late "La Tène" period. The bronze artifacts are all only fragmented, such as a spiral fragment with at least six-fold winding and inner tendon, probably from the late Laténe period, a bronze ring and a thick bronze bead with rectangular holes. Further a Nauheim primer with closed needle - rest (L. 14cm) from the 1st century BC, but it was discovered without finding a context. As well as modern finds. The location of the site in the field of artificial terracing and the proximity to already researched buildings of the Fritzens-Sanzeno culture make it possible to date the submitted finds grosso modo in the period from the stage Ha D2 to the late La Tène period.
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    Entity Type Certainty 3 - low: not certain data from old finds or old not-verifiable sources
    Dating Certainty 2 - basic: data from only one method and without relevant comparisons
    Location Certainty 2 - basic: data from only one method and without relevant comparisons
    GeoJSON {"type": "FeatureCollection", "crs": {"type": "name", "properties": {"name": "EPSG:4326"}}, "features": [{"type": "Feature", "properties": {"identifier": "OE_06112.E0001", "name": "Krisantin", "pk": "803"}, "geometry": {"type": "MultiPolygon", "coordinates": [[[[10.729659623466434, 47.15855571263122], [10.730021721683444, 47.15867061358645], [10.730287260375919, 47.15853929818875], [10.73048037942499, 47.158752685545224], [10.730440146289768, 47.15903172925674], [10.73034358676523, 47.15903720068743], [10.73034358676523, 47.15891135763934], [10.730311400257053, 47.158823814473614], [10.730078048072755, 47.15878004283663], [10.72972399648279, 47.15874174262471], [10.729667670093479, 47.158807400113965], [10.729659623466434, 47.15855571263122]]]]}}]}