Monument Protection MonumentProtection 11492 for Site Hallstatt

Site Name Hallstatt
  • natural erosion
  • construction/industry
  • Current Land Use
  • urban fabric
  • forests
  • open spaces with little or no vegetation
  • industrial, commercial and transport units
  • mine, dump and construction sites
  • Cultural Heritage Status yes
    Comment The area of Salzberg and large parts of the historical town of Hallstatt are under monument protection. Excessive tourism is a hazard.
    Public Yes
    GeoJSON {"type": "FeatureCollection", "crs": {"type": "name", "properties": {"name": "EPSG:4326"}}, "features": [{"type": "Feature", "properties": {"identifier": null, "name": "POLYGON COPIED FROM Hallstatt", "pk": "11492"}, "geometry": null}]}