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Basic Information
Identifier OE_06010
Site Name Bregenz
Description Bregenz is the capital of the Austrian province of Vorarlberg. It is located on the eastern shore of Lake Constance. Bregenz borders on Lindau and thus on Germany via a narrow strip of water that extends northwards from Lochau along the easternmost area of Lake Constance. From the Bronze Age on until today Bregenz was always inhabited. Traces of settlement during the Late Bronze Age were documented on top of the "Gebhardsberg" and in the "Josef-Huter-Straße" during excavation work. The "Gebhardsberg" above Bregenz is a up to 598 m above sea level high spur on the southwest slope of the "Pfänder". Also on the mountain are the ruins of the medieval castle "Hohenbregenz", the pilgrimage chapel of Saint Gebhard and the castle restaurant "Gebhardsberg". The second known settlement area "Josef-Huter-Straße" is instead located in the south of the center of Bregenz.
Public Yes
  • Bregenz - FÖ Fundberichte aus Österreich - 1974 p. 56
  • Bregenz - FÖ Fundberichte aus Österreich - 1967 p. 55
  • Bregenz - Montfort p. 122
  • Municipality
  • Bregenz, Rheintal-Bodenseegebiet
  • Ownership 4 – information not available
    Other Present Periods
  • Late Bronze Age
  • Roman Empire
  • Early Modern Era
  • Tourism
    Accessibility 1 – accessible by public transport
    Visibility 3 - invisible archaeological heritage
    Infrastructure 1 – complete infrastructure
    Long-Term Management 4 – information not available
    Potential of the Surroundings 1 – touristic region with excellent infrastructure
    App Yes
    GeoJSON {"type": "FeatureCollection", "crs": {"type": "name", "properties": {"name": "EPSG:4326"}}, "features": [{"type": "Feature", "properties": {"identifier": "OE_06010", "name": "Bregenz", "pk": "12"}, "geometry": {"type": "MultiPolygon", "coordinates": [[[[9.740067, 47.491283], [9.745431, 47.488789], [9.747577, 47.48901], [9.750152, 47.490877], [9.749808, 47.492414], [9.746161, 47.494241], [9.742384, 47.495922], [9.740753, 47.496676], [9.73762, 47.495313], [9.736998, 47.493704], [9.740067, 47.491283]]]]}}]}