Site Stallehr

Basic Information
Identifier OE_06008
Site Name Stallehr
Alternative Name
  • ehemals Löruns-Stallehr
  • Description Stallehr is located in the westernmost province of Austria, Vorarlberg, in the district of Bludenz at 600 meters altitude. It lies at the exit of the Klostertal at the north-easternmost foot of the Davenna-Kopf. Neighboring communities are Bludenz and Lorüns. Geographically, the municipality Stallehr does not belong to the Montafon, as it is not in the valley of the Ill, but in the valley of Alfenz and thus in Klostertal. Historically, however, there are numerous points of contact with the municipalities of the Montafon, such as the fact that the community belongs to the Montafon stand. In Stallehr one settlement area dating back into the Bronze and Iron Age could be located on top of the "Lorünser Schlosskopf". About 60 meters above the village of Lorüns is the Lorünser Schlosskopf (foothills of the Davennastocks), which is located in the municipality of Lorüns and Stallehr. Another historic site there is the so-called "Diebsschlössle" ("Lorünser Schlössle") itself. It is the ruin of a medieval hilltop castle near Lorüns. The Lorün quarry of the former cement works is located about 250 meters as the crow flies.
    Public Yes
  • Stallehr - FÖ Fundberichte aus Österreich - 2004 p. 667-668, 686, 689-690
  • Stallehr - FÖ Fundberichte aus Österreich - 2003 p. 596
  • Municipality
  • Stallehr, Bludenz-Bregenzer Wald
  • Smallest Administrative Unit Stallehr
    Ownership 4 – information not available
    Other Present Periods
  • Middle Bronze Age
  • Late Iron Age
  • Medieval Age
  • Tourism
    Accessibility 3 – inaccessible
    Visibility 4 – information not available
    Infrastructure 3 – no infrastructure
    Long-Term Management 3 – no care foreseen or possible
    Potential of the Surroundings 3 – no or little attempts for tourism
    GeoJSON {"type": "FeatureCollection", "crs": {"type": "name", "properties": {"name": "EPSG:4326"}}, "features": [{"type": "Feature", "properties": {"identifier": "OE_06008", "name": "Stallehr", "pk": "8"}, "geometry": {"type": "MultiPolygon", "coordinates": [[[[9.848910570144655, 47.136592644133955], [9.84605669975281, 47.136059863983846], [9.84579920768738, 47.13573143520436], [9.845241308212282, 47.13539570591096], [9.84604597091675, 47.13533731799138], [9.847140312194826, 47.13528622850917], [9.84752655029297, 47.13528622850917], [9.849393367767336, 47.13482642096045], [9.849650859832765, 47.13516945236551], [9.85028386116028, 47.13529352700962], [9.850122928619387, 47.13608175916369], [9.849661588668823, 47.13663643404587], [9.848910570144655, 47.136592644133955]]]]}}]}