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Settlement Fortification

1849 out of 1849

{'items': '1849 out of 1849', 'title': 'Settlement Fortification', 'subtitle': "If 'settlement' is the entity type, specify the type of fortification.", 'legendy': '', 'legendx': '# of ArchEnts', 'categories': 'sorted(dates)', 'measuredObject': 'ArchEnts', 'ymin': 0, 'payload': [['naturally fortified', 72], ['fortification rampart', 80], ['fortification ditch', 35], ['man-made fortification', 21], ['fortification wall', 21], ['Field not populated', 1680]]}

Total results: 1849

Name Site Name Entity Type
Carinagasse Feldkirch profane
Dünglers Ebni Bartholomäberg settlement
am Bodaweg Bartholomäberg settlement
Friaga Wald Bartholomäberg settlement
Kleiner Exerzierplatz Bludenz settlement
Kleiner Exerzierplatz Bludenz funerary site
Montikel Bludenz settlement
Scheibenstuhl Nenzing deposit
Scheibenstuhl Nenzing burning activity
400m behind Rappenkopf Nüziders settlement

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