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Burial Construction

1849 out of 1849

{'items': '1849 out of 1849', 'title': 'Burial Construction', 'subtitle': 'Provide some helptext', 'legendy': '', 'legendx': '# of ArchEnts', 'categories': 'sorted(dates)', 'measuredObject': 'ArchEnts', 'ymin': 0, 'payload': [['urn', 49], ['ceramic urn', 171], ['cist', 16], ['pit', 91], ['strayed', 60], ['wooden construction', 31], ['urn made of organic material', 12], ['stone urn', 3], ['Field not populated', 1568]]}

Total results: 1849

Name Site Name Entity Type
Revier Hintersommerau Radfeld pit
Wilten I Wilten-Amras - Innsbruck cremation burial
Stadlhof Oberhart wall / wall system
Habakuk Poštela rampart
Widenfeld Ampass ditch
Hennawies Satteins pottery
Unterrudling Unterrudling pottery
Grünbachplatz Wels pottery
Hainburg an der Donau Hainburg an der Donau pottery
Gaiselberg Gaiselberg pottery

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