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Cultural Heritage Status

1032 out of 1032

{'items': '1032 out of 1032', 'title': 'Cultural Heritage Status', 'subtitle': 'Has the site status of cultural heritage?', 'legendy': '', 'legendx': '# of MonumentProtections', 'categories': 'sorted(dates)', 'measuredObject': 'MonumentProtections', 'ymin': 0, 'payload': [['no', 544], ['partially', 238], ['yes', 234], ['in process', 10], ['Field not populated', 6]]}

Total results: 1032

ID Site Name
11176 Koblach
86 Satteins
87 Götzis
88 Weiler
11492 Hallstatt
642 Kaunertal
643 Brixlegg
644 Buch in Tirol
645 Münster
646 Pfaffenhofen

Page total: 10