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Other Present Periods

991 out of 1046

{'items': '991 out of 1046', 'title': 'Other Present Periods', 'subtitle': 'Other periods that were recorded on the site.', 'legendy': '', 'legendx': '# of Sites', 'categories': 'sorted(dates)', 'measuredObject': 'Sites', 'ymin': 0, 'payload': [['Medieval Age', 178], ['Modern Era', 141], ['Prehistory', 31], ['Roman Empire', 361], ['Bronze Age', 189], ['Early Bronze Age', 97], ['High Middle Age', 69], ['Iron Age', 114], ['Late Bronze Age', 255], ['Late Iron Age', 313], ['Late Middle Age', 72], ['Middle Bronze Age', 102], ['Contemporary', 11], ['Early Middle Age', 127], ['Early Modern Era', 19], ['Neolithic', 203], ['Mesolithic', 9], ['Late Antiquity', 75], ['Eneolithic', 124], ['Late Modern Era', 6], ['Palaeolithic', 14], ['Field not populated', 241]]}

ID Name
1 Göfis
2 Rankweil
3 Feldkirch
4 Bartholomäberg
5 Bludenz
6 Nenzing
7 Nüziders
8 Stallehr
10 Mittelberg
12 Bregenz

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